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Partnership, the power of success

EuroAuto company was founded on April 1st, 1995. Business policy, conceived even then, has been based on constant supply of Serbia and Montenegro market, with only high-quality car parts. That aim is realized through direct and long-term cooperation with major world’s manufacturers. Absolute customers trust is possible to gain only with guaranteed product quality, that are in original equipment for decades.

The main factors in choosing which product is going to be represented in our market are: High quality and Wide assortment Due to all these facts, EuroAuto company today distributes the following brands: MONROEWALKERGATESKILENDELPHISKFVERNETNGKTRUSTINGUFIGKNOSRAMLUKCASTROLCAROLCORTECOINTERMOTORTITANIUMTOPLAICERDENSOGENERAL ELECTRICSELENIABORG&BECKGSPMULLERHEPU. In confidence that boost of service quality is only possible to achieve by combined performance in domestic market, EuroAuto offers complete set of informative, professional, technical, logical and advertising support to all professional buyers. For that purpose, the Distributive centers are opened in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Subotica, Kragujevac, Jagodina and Sabac in order to supply the company partners on regular basis. For all of our customers all over Serbia, we provided daily deliveries of the goods, both from our central warehouse in Stara Pazova, and from all other Distributive centers.

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Technical and promotional support

Together with its suppliers, EuroAuto provides an excellent technical back-up, including fully illustrated catalogues, as well as technical literature.  Brochures, leaflets, and other printed and promotional materials are available for all the customers supplied by EuroAuto.

Professional seminars, educations, demonstrations and trainings

EuroAuto calls only responsible lecturers directly from suitable, corresponding manufacturer team, thinking that only manufacturers by them self can talk about their product and answer the asked questions. Manufacturer representatives are always invited to perform the seminars and demonstrations, which ensures the customers to get all the necessary information concerning the products.

Factory visits

EuroAuto organizes visits to factories all over Europe on regularly basis. Based on extensive programs, these visits are making possible to get complete impression about manufacturing technology and products quality.


EuroAuto respects proved principles of marketing, as well as its own experience which certainly  shows that profit increase depends on marketing activities. Therefore, EuroAuto is constantly performing marketing and promotional activities of its trade marks and products.


EuroAuto gives the guarantee for all distributed products, under the same conditions as each manufacturer has provided. Every justified complaint is taken into consideration and realized.

Distribution network

Wide portfolio of products, imported and distributed by EuroAuto, is available for the end users, as well as for professional customers, through our Distribution network. Our Specialists will provide you professional installation of the product, with adequate guarantee, all over the country.

Sincerely, EuroAuto